Limoncello Tasting Tour with Lunch in the Lemon Grove

Up to 2 people

Tour and Limoncello tasting unveil the craftsmanship behind renowned liqueurs, especially the iconic Limoncello, showcasing the traditional methods employed in its creation. Stroll through picturesque lemon orchards to delve into the timeless Sorrentine cultivation techniques.

Complete your visit at the farmhouse with a delightful tasting session, sampling Limoncello, Arancello, Mandarinetto, Crema di Limoni, Liquirizia, Mirto, and Nocillo. Savor homemade citrus jams and relish exquisite extra virgin olive oil while immersing yourself in the estate’s rich history.

INCLUDED: Distillery tour and tasting of Limoncello and typical products

From 2 to 12 people

The tour and tasting experience offers an immersion into the art of traditional Limoncello production at our agritourism distillery. Dive into the craft, bottle your creation, and explore our cellar and lemon grove. Uncover the intricacies of crafting Limoncello and savor the opportunity to take home your personally bottled creation as a cherished memento. Indulge in tasting sessions featuring a variety of Limoncello, liqueurs, homemade citrus jams, and extra virgin olive oil, creating a complete sensory delight.

INCLUDED: Distillery tour –  Limoncello course – One bottle of Limoncello to take home with you – Tour of the farm and lemon grove – Tasting of Limoncello, other liqueurs, and Il Convento products – Lunch

Time of day

All Day


From 50€

Limoncello Tasting Tour with Lunch in the Lemon Grove


You will pay the remainder on the day of the activity.

Let us arrange a personalized experience for you.

Tour & Tasting

50€ per person
Deposit per person: 25€

Tour & Tasting + Limoncello course or Lunch

90€ per person
Deposit per person: 30€

Tour & Tasting + Limoncello course + Lunch

140€ per person
Deposit per person: 40€

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