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Maiori is a picturesque town located on the Amalfi Coast in southern Italy. It is known for its long, sandy beach, which is the largest on the Amalfi Coast, as well as its historic center, which features charming narrow streets and pastel-colored buildings. It could be the perfect setting for a dream holiday on the Amalif Coast, especially if you rent a villa in Maiori with a fantastic view on the sea landscapes and all the comfort that fit your needs.

The town has a long history, dating back to Roman times, and there are several ancient ruins to explore, such as the Villa Romana and the Torre Normanna, a medieval watchtower. Maiori is also famous for its lemon groves and production of limoncello, a lemon-flavored liqueur that is popular throughout the region.

Visitors can enjoy a range of activities in Maiori, such as swimming and sunbathing on the beach, hiking the hills surrounding the town, and exploring the local shops and restaurants. The town is also a good base for exploring other towns on the Amalfi Coast, such as Amalfi and Positano, which are easily accessible by bus or ferry.

Overall, Maiori offers a charming and laid-back atmosphere that is perfect for a relaxing vacation on the Amalfi Coast.

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When to visit Maiori

11 °C
52 F
12 °C
54 F
14 °C
57 F
17 °C
63 F
20 °C
68 F
24 °C
75 F
27 °C
81 F
27 °C
81 F
23 °C
73 F
19 °C
66 F
15 °C
59 F
12 °C
54 F

The best time to visit Maiori is during the shoulder seasons of late spring (MayJune) and early fall (SeptemberOctober), when the weather is mild and the crowds are smaller compared to the peak summer months.

During these months, temperatures are typically in the range of 20-25°C (68-77°F), making it pleasant to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, and exploring the town’s historic center without the heat and humidity of the summer months. The sea is also warm enough for swimming during this time.

The summer months of July and August are the peak tourist season in Maiori, and the town can get very crowded and expensive. It is still a good time to visit if you are looking for a lively atmosphere and warm weather for beach activities, but be prepared for large crowds and higher prices for accommodations and activities.

The winter months of November to March can be chilly and rainy in Maiori, and some shops and restaurants may be closed for the season. However, if you are looking for a quiet and peaceful getaway, the winter months can be a good time to visit, and you may be able to find good deals on accommodations.

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